Vancouver campaigning politician perpetuates ignorance surrounding urban agriculture


You’d think that in the beautiful west coast city of Vancouver, we’d have the same progressive laws which say, Portland adopts. Unfortunately this is not so, or has not been so until recently. The current mayor of Gregor Robertson (founder of Happy Planet) has championed a change or shift enabling sustainable change and enlightenment to a surprising amount of opposition. New bike lanes, advocating for urban agriculture and an developing an exciting initiative which wants to place Vancouver as the “Greenest City in the World by 2020” (by doing so, engaging the city, holding forums and acting on his promises) are only a few examples of Robertson’s desire for change. Again, you’d be surprised by the opposition from the public, but you’d be even more surprised for campaigning politician Suzanne Anton to break out with the perfect articulation of the public’s ignorance towards progressive culture. “NPA attack ads against “back yard chickens” and “front yard wheat fields” may backfire as an increasing number of  Vancouverites embrace community gardening and urban agriculture.” Are you kidding me? This situation is both terrifying and incredibly disappointing. SO! Get on the horn and get behind Gregor, he has been the first mayor in the history of Vancouver’s political history that has been willing to be the pioneer of change that is needed globally to make the real shift happen. You have my vote!

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